Melody - Dependency Manager for Go

Melody is a dependency manager for your Go code. It allows you to quickly build complex projects by easily importing private packages from colleagues and open source packages from any public source. Despite a growing network of dependencies, it ensure fast, consistent, and repeatable builds for your projects.

We’ve adopted the following principles to make this happen:

  • All dependencies are vendored inside of a project.1 This enables fine-grained control of versioning, and prevents multiple projects from clobbering shared dependencies in a common path ($GOPATH/src).

  • Human-friendly config file explicitly specifies project details and dependencies with corresponding version restrictions.

  • Human-readable lock file to record and track exact revision of each installed dependency. This file is used to deterministically recreate and verify the vendor directory.

  • Cloud-assisted repository indexing and caching allows for much faster and more-reliable builds. melodyRepo integration makes sure your build is fast, and that a deleted repository or tag does not break future builds. 2

  1. Melody requires Go 1.6+. Although it may work with GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT flag, Go 1.5 is not supported.
  2. Please note that the melodyRepo cache may be cold during the beta period due to a low traffic. This may cause slowness during your installs, but it will get faster as our userbase grows.