melodyRepo is a backend platform that can save you hours of work and wait by caching Go repositories and preprocessing common analysis tasks to expose underlying metadata via a GraphQL API. By caching much of this data, checking for repository updates or listing package dependencies take a few milliseconds instead of seconds or minutes. When queried multiple times per day over multiple packages and repositories, this can accumulate into hours of saved time for you.

Why GraphQL?

We chose GraphQL to give us greater flexibility in how metadata is structured while giving clients more flexibility in how it’s queried:

  • Strongly-typed system helps create clean, structured, and safe APIs.

  • Client-specified queries with field-level granularity help choose the perfect complexity/performance balance for each query.

  • A healthy ecosystem of tools & libraries can easily be taylored to this API by quering the type system via GraphQL itself.

  • Deprecation support allows us to evolve the API while keeping backward compatibility.

GraphQL is great – learn more about GraphQL.

Project Status

Early Preview – melodyRepo is not just another academic exercise; it grew out of an in-house project that serves real development needs, and we will continue active development to make it more useful for our team, and now to the greater developer community.